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Intellinav se User’

s Manual

Please use only the power adapter included in the box
and connects to the voltage requirement indicated on
the rear panel of the product. Use of any other types of
chargers will result in malfunction of the device and void
all warranties.

Do not use and/ or charge this device near water or
moisture. Never touch or handle any power sources with
wet hands.

To prevent fire or electric shock, never expose the device
to any types of liquid

Do not block any ventilation openings or use in extreme
weather conditions, such as dusty, sandy, wet or humid.
When in use, please install in accordance with the user

Do not attempt to service the system. Any modification,
tempering and/ or change to the device not expressly
approved by Netropa Corp. or its authorized parities will
void all warranties in entirety.

Do not attempt to clean the device with the power on.

Use a clean, moistened, lint-free cloth to wipe the
exterior of the device. Use water or eyeglass cleaner if
necessary and gently wipe the touch screen.
When unattended, do not leave the device in the vehicle
that is subjected to direct sunlight for an extensive
period of time. The overheating of system and/or
battery may cause malfunctioning of the device.

Keep the device away from excessive moisture and
extreme temperatures.

When connecting the device to the car adapter, please
make sure the input voltage of the adapter is identical
with the car voltage.

This device uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery. To
reduce the risk of fire or burns, do not disassemble,
crush, puncture, short external contacts, or dispose of in
fire or water.

In some instances during playback, a few bright or dark
flecks may appear on the TFT LCD screen. This is a
normal phenomenon in active matrix display technology,
and not a malfunction.

Caring for your device