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With the Intellinav system, you can keep images of your
favorite moments as mobile as you are by using the
Photo Viewer. You can use a computer to load pictures
onto an SD card and then load that sd card into the SD
card slot located at the side of the system. The program

Support for JPEG and BMP (1-, 4-, 8-, and 24-bit)

Auto-scanning of supported files in the device's
SD/MMC card.

Three viewing modes: Thumbnail, Full Screen, and
Slide Show.

Album support based on sub-directory contents.

Each sub-directory containing compatible
image files is treated as an individual album.
For a more organized file search, it is
advisable to sort image files into sub-
directories based on something, such as a
particular event or a certain period. To

illustrate, a sub-directory containing pictures
from your daughter's birthday can be named
"Cassie's 10th Birthday"; or "May 11 to
June 24" for a sub-directory consisting of
pictures taken during that period.




e: The performance of the Photo Viewer may be

affected by the size of the image files.

Photo Viewer