Intellinav SE User Manual

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Intellinav se User’

s Manual

Set Start Location

Set Stopover (with an
existing route)

Set Destination

Save This Location


Setting the location as a starting point is useful if you are
trying to find the distance between two locations.

Setting the location as your destination is a quick way to
set a destination.

Saving the location adds the location to your Favorites
list (you'll learn more about Favorites later in this

You can also get additional information about the
current location, including latitude and longitude.

POI Information

To view information about a POI on
the map, tap on the icon on the
map. The POI(S) screen will appear.

Screen Tap Areas

Tap in designated areas on the map display for shortcuts
to handy functions.

Repeat voice

Tap and hold to show details of the street,
set as the start location, or set as the
destination (2D mode only)

Show details of
current location


Change map
orientation to Heading
Up or North Up

Show route list

Zoom in