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3A. Sprint Service: The Basics


. Opens the Edit slideshow screen. Tap

Add slide

to create a new slide. Tap the created slide

(for example, Slide 1), tap

Insert picture

, and then select the picture you want to add to the slide. You

can also navigate to the text box and enter a caption for the picture. When finished, tap


to attach

the slideshow to your message.


When you have finished composing the multimedia message, tap



Saving and Resuming a Draft Message

While composing a text or multimedia message, press

to automatically save your message as a draft.

To resume composing the message:


On the All messages screen, press

, and then tap




Tap the message to resume editing it.


When you finish editing the message, tap



New Messages Notification

Depending on your notification settings, the device will play a ring tone, vibrate, or display the message
briefly in the status bar when you receive a new text or multimedia message. To change the notification for
new text and multimedia messages, see “Setting Text and Multimedia Message Options” for details.

A new message icon (

) also appears in the notifications area of the status bar to notify you of a new text

or multimedia message. The Messages application icon (if shown on the Home screen) also displays the
number of new messages



When editing multiple slides, tap

to edit the next slide or tap

to return to the previous slide.

While editing the slideshow, press

to let you preview the slideshow, add music or video to a slide,

remove a slide, and more.

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