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1A. Setting Up Service

Setting Up Your Device (page 2)

Activating Your Device (page 2)

Setting Up Your Voicemail (page 3)

Sprint Account Passwords (page 3)

Getting Help (page 4)

Setting Up Your Device


Install the battery:

Insert your fingernail into the slot at the top left of the battery compartment cover and lift gently to

Align the battery’s exposed copper contacts with the battery connectors inside the battery

Insert the contact end of the battery first then gently push the battery into place.

Replace the back cover making sure all the locking tabs are seated and there are no gaps around the


Press (

) to turn the device on (black button located at the top of the device and on the right).

If your device is activated, it will turn on, search for Sprint service, and enter standby mode.

If your device is not yet activated, see “Activating Your Device” on page 2 for more information.


Make your first call.

Tap .

Use the onscreen keypad to enter a phone number.

Tap .

Activating Your Device

If you purchased your device at a Sprint Store

, it is probably activated and ready to use.

If you received your device in the mail and it is for a new Sprint account or a new line of service

, it is designed

to activate automatically. To confirm your activation, make a phone call.

If you received your device in the mail and you are activating a new device for an existing number on your

you will need to go online to activate your new device.

From your computer’s Web browser, go to


and complete the onscreen

instructions to activate your device.

When you have finished, make a phone call to confirm your activation. If your device is still not activated or
you do not have access to the Internet, contact Sprint Customer Service at


for assistance.

Note: When you turn on your device for the first time, you will be given options to let you quickly set up various accounts,

such as Google™ account, Facebook™, Flickr®, Twitter™, Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync, and other email
accounts. We recommend that you skip these.

Note: Your device’s battery should have enough charge for your device to turn on and find a signal, set up your voicemail,

and make a call. You should fully charge your battery as soon as possible. See “Charging the Battery” on page 13 for

1A. Setting Up Service

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