Security settings, Protecting your device with a screen lock, Updating your device’s system software – HTC EVO 4G User Manual

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2B. Settings


Security Settings

Protecting Your Device with a Screen Lock

You can increase the security of your device by creating a screen unlock pattern. When enabled, you have to
draw the correct unlock pattern on the screen to unlock the device’s control keys and buttons

and touch screen.

To create and enable the screen unlock pattern:




and tap

Settings > Security > Set unlock pattern



Read the information on the screen and tap




Study the example pattern on the screen, and then tap




Draw the screen unlock pattern by connecting at least four dots in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal
direction. Lift your finger from the screen when finished.


The device records the pattern. Tap




When prompted, draw the screen unlock pattern again, and then tap



When you fail to draw the correct unlock pattern on the screen after five attempts, you will be prompted to
wait for 30 seconds before you can try again.

Updating Your Device’s System Software

From time to time, system software updates for your device may be available. Your device can automatically
check and then notify you if an update is available. You can then download and install the update to your
device. Depending on the type of update, the update may erase all your personal data and customized
settings, and also remove any programs you have installed. Make sure that you have backed up the
information and files you want to keep.

To check for phone system software updates manually




and then tap

Settings > System updates > HTC software update.


On the System software updates screen, tap

Check now


Note: You must slide your finger on the screen to create the pattern and not tap individual dots.


Clear the

Use visible pattern

check box if you do not want the unlock pattern to display on the screen when you

unlock it.

If you want to disable the unlock screen pattern, clear the

Require pattern

check box. You will be prompted to

draw the unlock screen pattern.

Note: To change your unlock screen pattern, press


, and then tap

Settings > Security >

Change unlock pattern


Note: Checking and downloading system software updates may incur additional data transfer fees.

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