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Device Basics

2A. Device Basics


Key Functions

1. Front Indicator Light (LED)

shows your device’s connection status at a glance.

2. Proximity Sensor

automatically switches the display screen off when you hold the device near your face

during a call. When activated, the proximity sensor does not reduce transmission power for WiMAX,
CDMA, or Wi-Fi.

3. Earpiece

lets you hear the caller and automated prompts.

4. Display Screen

displays all the information needed to operate your device, such as the call status, the

People list, the date and time, and the signal and battery strength.

5. Menu Key

allows you to open a list of actions that you can do on the current screen.

6. Home Key

takes you back to the Home screen. When in standby mode, press and hold to open the

recently-used applications window.

7. Microphone

allows other callers to hear you clearly when you are speaking to them.

8. Search Key

allows you to search information on the current screen or application. For example, while in

People, press

to search for a contact in the device.

9. Back Key

allows you to go back to the previous screen, or close a dialog box, options menu, the

Notifications panel, or onscreen keyboard.

10. Volume Button

allows you to adjust the ringer or media volume or adjust the voice volume during a call.

11. Front Camera

lets you capture a self-portrait or a video.

12. Camera Lens

as part of the built-in camera, lets you take pictures and videos.

13. Speaker

lets you hear the different ringers and sounds. The speaker also lets you hear the caller’s voice

in speakerphone mode.

14. Dual Flash

helps illuminate subjects in low-light environments when the camera is focusing and

capturing a photo or video.

15. Kickstand

lets you prop up the device on a desk or other flat surface for more comfortable viewing.

16. 3.5 mm Headset Jack

allows you to plug in either a stereo headset or an optional headset for convenient,

hands-free conversations. CAUTION! Inserting an accessory into the incorrect jack may damage the

17. Power Button

lets you turn the device on or off or turn on/off the screen. While in standby mode and the

screen is unlocked, press and hold to open a menu to let you turn on/off the device, turn on/off your
mobile network connection, or switch your device to silent mode, vibration mode, or airplane mode.

18. Charger/Accessory Jack

allows you to connect the device charger or the USB cable (included).

CAUTION! Inserting an accessory into the incorrect jack may damage the device.

19. HDMI Jack

allows you to use an HDMI cable to connect to an HDMI-capable external display, such as an

LCD TV. You can then display photos and videos on your device to the connected external display.
CAUTION! Inserting an accessory into the incorrect jack may damage the device.



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