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3D. GPS Navigation


Google Maps uses the same satellite data as Google Earth™. Satellite images are not real-

time. Google Earth acquires the best imagery available, most of which is approximately one to three
years old.


Displays information and photos of a location or place which you or your friends have posted.

With Google Buzz you can share a tip, make a recommendation, post a photo, or find out what other
people are talking about on a particular location, such as an upcoming traffic jam or a concert — all
while viewing a map.


When you have joined Latitude, you can view your friends’ locations as a layer on the map.

For information, see “Google Latitude” in this chapter.

To select more layers such as transit lines or maps that you have created in Google Maps on the Web,

More layers


To clear layers and view only the street map, tap

Clear map


Searching for Places of Interest


While on the Google Maps screen, press



Enter the place you want to search in the search box. You can enter an address, a city, or type of
business or establishment (for example, pizza).

Note: After entering your search item, you may be asked to choose the place you want to search.


As you enter information, a list of all the places which you have searched or visited before as well as the addresses
of your contacts (if specified) appear on the screen. You can also tap an address on the menu to show its location
on the map.

Enter the place you
want to search here.

Tap to search the
place you entered.

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