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Device Basics

2A. Device Basics


To unlock the screen:

Viewing the Display Screen

Your device’s display screen provides information about notifications and your device’s status. This list
identifies the symbols you’ll see on your device’s display screen:

Note: If you have set up a screen unlock pattern, you will be prompted to draw the pattern on the screen before it unlocks.

For more information on how to create and enable the screen unlock pattern, see “Protecting Your Device with a
Screen Lock” on page 33.

Status Bar – Notification Icons

New Text or Multimedia Message

More (undisplayed) notifications

New Voicemail

Call in progress (Voice Privacy locked/

New Gmail message

Missed call

New Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
or POP3/IMAP email message

Compass needs orientation

Problem with Text/Multimedia
Message delivery

Uploading data (animated)

New instant message from

Google Talk

Downloading data (animated)

Upcoming event

Waiting to upload

Music is playing

Content downloaded

General notification (for example, sync

Device connected to computer via USB

Storage card is low on free space

Storage card is safe to remove or storage
card is being prepared

Wi-Fi is on and wireless networks are

No storage card installed on the device.

Press and hold the lock
screen bar and then slide
your finger down to
unlock the screen or
answer an incoming call.

Lock screen bar

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