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Page 18: Turning off the screen when not in use

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2A. Device Basics

Turning Your Device On and Off

Turning Your Device On

Press the power button (

) at the top panel of the device.

Turning Your Device Off


Press and hold

for about two seconds.


On the

Phone options

menu, tap

Power off



On the

Power off

confirmation box, tap



Turning Off the Screen When Not in Use

To save battery power, the device automatically turns off the screen when you leave it idle after a certain
period of time. You will still be able to receive messages and calls while the device’s screen is off.

You can also turn off and lock the screen by pressing

. Pressing

again or incoming calls will

turn on your device screen and show the lock screen.

Note: When the screen is locked and you press

, it will only turn off the screen and not the device.

You will need to unlock the screen first before you press and hold

. See “Turning Off the Screen When Not

in Use” for details.


For information on how to adjust the time before the screen turns off, see “Display Settings” on page 29.

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