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Device Basics

2A. Device Basics


Extended Home Screen

The Home screen extends beyond the screen width to provide more space for adding icons, widgets, and
more. Press

, and then slide your finger horizontally across the screen to go to the left or right side of the

extended Home screen. There are six “additional” screens apart from the main Home screen.

Your Home screen may look like this:

To directly go to a particular Home screen:


On any Home screen, pinch the screen to bring up a snapshot of the Home screen.


Tap the screen you want to open.

Customizing the Home Screen

To add a Home screen item:



and tap



In the

Add to Home

options menu, tap the item you want to add to the Home screen:


: Add HTC or Android™ widgets to the Home screen such as a clock, calendar, mail, people,

Footprints, and more.


: Add shortcuts to applications on your phone. To quickly add an application shortcut that is on

the All apps screen to the Home screen, press and hold an application icon. When the device vibrates,
drag the icon on an empty area on the Home screen, and then release it.


: Add shortcuts to bookmarked Web page, a favorite contact, a Gmail™ label, a music playlist,

and more.


: Add a folder where you can organize Home screen items. Add a shortcut to all your contacts,

contacts with phone numbers, or starred contacts. Contact details are automatically updated when
there are changes in the source.

Customize your Home screen by adding application shortcuts and widgets. You can also use preset widgets
from a Scene. To use a Scene, press


and tap



Note: You cannot add more screens.


While on an extended Home screen, press

to return to the main Home screen.


On the main Home screen, you can press

to show the snapshot of the Home screen.

Note: You can also press and hold an empty area on the Home screen.


You can also create and save your custom scene. (See “Creating and Saving a Custom Scene” for details.)

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