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3B. Web and Data Services


Selecting Links in Web Pages

Links can be selected as shown below. Links are enclosed in a colored box when selected.

The browser also recognizes some phone numbers and addresses that allow you to call the phone number
or locate the address in Google Maps™. Recognized phone numbers and addresses are highlighted in
green when navigated to.

Downloading Applications From the Web

Before you can download applications from the Web, you must first enable downloading from the device




and tap

Settings > Applications



Select the

Unknown sources

check box.


When the Attention dialog box opens, tap



To view your downloads:

On the browser screen, press

and tap

More > Downloads


Copying Text, Looking Up Information, and Sharing

You can select text on a Web page and then:

Copy it.

Look it up on Wikipedia or Google Dictionary.

Get a translation of the text from Google Translate.

Share the text in a new email, text, or multimedia message or in your status update on a social network.


What to do

Web page address

Tap the link to open the Web page.

Press and hold the link to open a menu that allows you to open,
bookmark, copy to the clipboard, or share the link using email.

Email address

Tap to send an email message to the email address.

Press and hold and tap


on the menu to copy the email

address to the clipboard. You can paste the email address later
when creating a new contact or sending a new email message.


What to do

Location address

Tap the address to open Google Maps and locate the address.

Phone number

Tap to open the Phone screen to call the phone number.


Zoom in on the Web page when links are too small for tapping directly on the screen.

Note: All downloaded applications are saved to the microSD card. Before you download an application from the Web,

make sure that you have installed a microSD card on your device. For information on how to install a microSD card,
“Inserting the microSD Card” on page 73.

WARNING: Applications downloaded from the Web can be from unknown sources. To protect your device and personal

data, download applications only from trusted sources such as Android Market. Refer to “Downloading
Applications and Games From Android Market” for det

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