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2D. People


About People (page 41)

Using the People Screen (page 42)

Adding a New People Entry (page 43)

Saving a Phone Number (page 44)

Using the Contact Details Screen (page 44)

Merging Entries in People (page 45)

Editing an Entry in People (page 45)

Finding Entries in People (page 47)

Backing Up and Importing Entries in People (page 48)

Working with Groups (page 48)

Using the People Widget (page 49)

Connecting with Your Social Networks (page 50)

Using Friend Stream (page 52)

About People

In People, you can easily manage your communications with contacts through phone, messaging, and
email. You can also view updates on their Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter accounts.

If you are synchronizing contacts with your Google account, with your PC, or with an Exchange Server, any
contacts stored in those accounts are displayed in People. You can also synchronize contacts from your
Facebook account in People.

Ways of Getting Contacts Into Your Device

You can add contacts to your device from:

Gmail contacts

that are imported to your device after you set up a Google Account.

(For more information, see “Gmail” on page 126 for details.)

Phone contacts

(For more information, see “Adding a New People Entry” for details.)

Exchange ActiveSync Server

(For more information, see “Email” on page 122 for details.)

Contacts on your computer

(For more information, see “HTC Sync” on page 65 for details.)


(For more information, see “Your Contacts List” for details.)

To open People:




> People

. (You may need to scroll down the screen to see the icon.)

2D. People

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