HTC EVO 4G User Manual

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2A. Device Basics

Data synchronizing – connected to
HTC Sync

New tweet

New location detected

Updates available for an application
downloaded from Android Market

Status Bar – Device Status Icons

Signal Strength

(More bars = stronger signal)

Shows current battery charge level

(Icon shown is fully charged)

No Service

Bluetooth on

Device is “roaming” off the Nationwide
Sprint Network

Connected to Bluetooth device

Sprint 3G data service (EVDO)
available (when active, icon animated)

Airplane mode

Sprint 1xRTT network available (when
active, icon animated)

Alarm set

Data service is currently unavailable

Speakerphone on

Device’s location feature is on and
available for location-based services
such as GPS Navigation

Wired microphone headset connected

Device’s location feature off and your
location available only for 911
(page 17)

Wired headset connected

Device microphone muted

Connected to Wi-Fi network

Device speaker muted

Connected to a 4G network

Vibrate mode

4G is on and 4G networks are available

Sprint Mobile Hotspot is on and is
ready to share its 4G connection

Sprint Mobile Hotspot is on and is ready to
share its 3G connection

Status Bar – Notification Icons

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