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Camera and Mul


2H. Camera and Multimedia


Viewing Pictures and Videos Using Gallery

Using the Gallery application, you can view photos and watch videos that you’ve taken with your device’s
camera, downloaded, or copied onto your storage card. You can also take a look at your photos and your
friends’ photos that are on your social networks (Facebook and Flickr only).

For photos that are in your storage card, you can do basic editing such as rotating and cropping. You can
also easily make a photo as your contact picture or wallpaper and share photos with your friends.

Opening Gallery







The Gallery application opens in the Albums tab where your photos and videos are organized by albums for
easy viewing.

If you stored your files in folders (directories) on the microSD card, Gallery will display these folders as
separate albums.

1. Camera shots

lets you view photos and videos that are stored in the camera’s folder.

2. All photos

lets you view all photos that are stored in all the folders on the storage card.

3. All videos

lets you view all videos that are stored in all the folders on the storage card.


Photos and videos that you set as your favorites will be grouped under



Photos or videos that are under the root path of your storage card (that are not contained in folders) are
grouped in



Folders in your storage card that contain photos and videos will also be treated as albums and will be listed
below the preset albums. The actual folder names will be used as the album names. If you have
downloaded any photos and videos, these will be placed in the

All downloads


When viewing pictures in Gallery, scroll up the screen to view more albums. Simply tap an album to view the
photos or videos in that album.

Note: Depending on the number of pictures stored on the microSD card, it may take awhile for Gallery to load all your

photos on the screen.





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