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3D. GPS Navigation

Google Maps

Google Maps lets you track your current location, view real-time traffic situations, and receive detailed
directions to your destination. It also provides a search tool where you can locate places of interest or an
address on a vector or aerial map, or view locations in street level.

Enabling Location Source

Before you open Google Maps and find your location or search for places of interest, you must enable

My location sources



Press Press


and tap

Settings > Location




Use wireless networks


Use GPS satellites

, or both.

Opening Google Maps







To find your location on the map:

While on the Google Maps screen, press

and tap

My Location

. Your location is shown on the map as

a blinking blue dot.

To move on the map:

Swipe your finger on the screen to view other areas of the map.

To zoom in or out of a map:


to zoom in; tap

to zoom out.

To get an address and additional information for a location

Press and hold a location on the map. A balloon opens over the location, with the address and a thumbnail
from street view (if available). Tap the balloon to see more information or to get directions to that location.

To look at a location in Street View:

Street View mode (available only in selected areas) provides a street-level view of the location.


Do one of the following:

Press and hold a location on the map, and then tap the balloon that appears.

Search for the place you want to view in Street View. For more information, see “Searching for Places of
” When you find the place, tap its balloon.


On the location details screen, tap

Street view


Note: You need an active 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection to use Google Maps.

Google Maps does not cover every country or city.

Note: Selecting

Use GPS satellites

lets you locate places of interest at street level. However, this requires a clear view of the

sky and more battery power.

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