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3D. GPS Navigation




. The directions to your destination appears in a list. Tap a direction instruction on the list to show

the map.

When you are finished viewing or following the directions, press

and tap

More > Clear Map

to reset the

map. Your destination is automatically saved in the Google Maps history.

Google Latitude

Google Latitude™ user location service lets you and your friends share locations and status messages with
each other. It also lets you send instant messages and emails, make phone calls, and get directions to your
friends’ locations.

Your location is not shared automatically. You must join Latitude, and then invite your friends to view your
location or accept their invitations.

Opening Latitude

To join Latitude:


While viewing a map in any mode, press

and then tap

Join Latitude



Read the privacy policy. If you agree with it, tap

Agree & share


After you join Latitude, you can start sharing your locations with your friends. Only friends that you have
explicitly invited or accepted can see your location.

To open Latitude after joining:

While viewing a map in any mode, press

and then tap



Inviting Friends

To share your location with friends and request to see their locations:


In Latitude, press

and then tap

Add friends



Choose how to add friends:

Select from Contacts

. Select any number of friends from People.

Add via email address

. Enter an email address.

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