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Device Basics

2A. Device Basics


Notifications Panel

Notification icons report the arrival of new messages, calendar events, alarms being set and ongoing
settings such as call forwarding being on or the current call status. You can open the Notifications panel to
access message, reminder, or event notification tabs.

To open the Notifications panel:

When a new notification icon displays in the status bar, press and hold the status bar, and then slide your
finger downward to open the Notifications panel.

If you have several notifications, you can scroll down the screen to view more notifications.

To close the Notifications panel:

Press and hold the bottom bar of the Notifications panel, and then slide your finger up the screen.

– or –

Press .

Notification LED

The Notification LED located at the right corner of the earpiece provides information on the device status or
pending notifications.


You can also open the Notifications panel from the Home screen by pressing

and then tapping



LED Status


Solid green

Battery is fully charged.

(When the device is connected to the AC adapter/computer.)

Solid amber

Battery is charging.

Flashing amber

Battery is low. (Battery power is below 14%.)

Flashing green

You have a pending notification (for example, a new message or a missed call).

Tap a notification to
open the related

Tap to clear all

Press and hold,
and then slide up
to close the
Notifications panel.

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