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3B. Web and Data Services


To close a chat:

In your Friends list, press and hold a friend with an active chat and tap

End chat

on the menu.

– or –

While on a chat screen, press

and tap

End chat


Changing Your Online Status and Picture

To change your online status and message:


Tap the online status icon (

) beside your name, and then select the status you want on the menu.

In addition to the standard status settings, you can also select a message that you’ve entered previously.
Or tap

Clear custom messages

to erase them and start over.

Your status and any message appear in your contact’s Friends lists and in other locations where your
status or status message are displayed.


Tap the text box on the left of your online status icon and then enter your status message using the
onscreen keyboard.


Tap .

To change your picture:


In your Friends list, tap the picture to the left of your status message.


In the Select an album screen, tap the album where the picture you want to use is located.


Tap the picture you want to use.


Drag the green box to select the portion of the picture to crop, and then tap



Managing Your Friends List

Friends in your friends list is sorted by their online status — active chats, online, busy, and offline. Within the
status groupings, friends are listed alphabetically.

By default, only the friends that you frequently communicate with — the most popular — are in the Friends list.
If you want to display all your friends, press

and tap

All friends


To add a new friend:

You can invite anyone with a Google Account to become your friend in Google Talk, so you can chat with
each other and view each others’ online status.


In the Friends list, press

and tap

Add friend



Enter the Google Talk instant messaging ID or Google email address of the friend you want to add.



Send invitation



To switch back to displaying only your most popular friends, press

and tap

Most popular


Note: When you add a friend with an instant messaging ID and that friend has been saved in your contacts list, matching

contacts will display on the screen as you enter information. You can tap the contact or continue entering the IM

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