Viewing photos and videos – HTC EVO 4G User Manual

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2H. Camera and Multimedia

Viewing Photos and Videos

After selecting an album from the Albums tab, you can browse through the photos and videos of that album
either in filmstrip or grid view. Tap a photo or video to view it in full screen.

By default, photos and videos are presented in a horizontal filmstrip. Slide your finger left or right across the
filmstrip to go through the photos and videos.

From the filmstrip view, press

and then tap

Grid view

to browse photos and videos by thumbnails.

Slide your finger up or down to scroll through the thumbnails.

To change back to displaying photos and videos in a filmstrip, press

and then tap

Filmstrip view


Note: Whether you’re in filmstrip or grid view, you can press and hold on a photo or video to open a selection menu and

choose what to do with the photo or video.

If you want to select another album, tap

to return to the Albums tab.

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