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Page 127: Navigating on a web page

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3B. Web and Data Services


Text selection:

Allows you to select text to copy, looking up for information, and share. For more

information, see “Copying Text, Looking Up Information, and Sharing.

Page info

. Lets you display the information about the website.

Share page.

Lets you send the website URL using Facebook, Friend Stream, email, MMS, or Peep.


. Lets you view applications that you have downloaded from the Web.


. Keeps a list of links to your most recently visited sites. To navigate to a site, touch a site.


. Opens the browser settings.

Going to a Website


On the browser screen, press

and tap the URL box at the top of the screen.


Enter the website address using the keyboard. As you enter the address, matching website addresses
will appear on the screen. Tap an address to go directly to that website or continue entering the website



on the onscreen keyboard.

Setting Your Home Page


With the browser open, press

, and then tap

More > Settings > Set home page



In the Set home page screen, select the home page you want to use.

Use default

to set the SprintWeb


home page as your home page.

Use current

to set the current Web page you are browsing as your home page.

Set home page

to enter the URL of the website you want to use as your home page.

Changing the Screen Orientation

The device automatically changes the screen orientation depending on how you are holding your device.

Browsing Full Versions (not Mobile Version) of Web Pages

Some websites display a mobile version of their pages to phone Web browsers. You can choose to view the
full version of all pages, even for these sites.

On the browser screen, press

, tap

More > Settings

, and clear the

Mobile view

check box.

Navigating on a Web Page

Panning on a Web Page

Slide your finger on the screen in any direction to navigate and view other areas of the Web page.

Note: The


check box in


> Settings > Sound & display

needs to be selected for the screen

orientation to automatically change.

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