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tainment: TV and Music

3C. Entertainment: TV and Music


24-hour access to breaking NASCAR Sprint Cup Series news including insight and analysis from industry

Delivers race and qualifying results including NASCAR Sprint Cup Series points standings and season

Offers video on demand from NASCAR.COM, SPEED programming and more

Using NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile for the First Time

When you open NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile for the first time, it will prompt you to specify your favorite
NASCAR driver.



and tap


NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile

. (You may need to scroll down the screen to see

the icon.)


On the welcome screen, tap the

Car# or Driver name

box. On the subsequent screen, enter your favorite

NASCAR car number or driver name and then tap


. Tap


to continue.

– or –

You can also tap

Select from a list

and then tap a NASCAR driver.


A message is then displayed, confirming whether to add your favorite NASCAR driver to your

My Drivers

list. Tap


to add.


If there are subsequent screens that are displayed, read the messages on the screens and select your
preferences. Tap


to proceed to the NASCAR Home screen.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile Home Screen

Whenever you open NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile, the NASCAR Home screen will be displayed, showing
your favorite NASCAR driver banner with statistics. Swipe your finger upward to scroll down the screen and
browse through more content.

1. Driver banner.

Shows your favorite NASCAR driver with key statistics. Tap the banner to view the driver


2. Drawer

. Information on the NASCAR Home screen is organized into several drawers. When a drawer is

open, it shows a down arrow at the right side of the drawer. Tap to close the drawer. To view information
in another drawer, tap the drawer to open it.

3. Ticker

. Shows breaking news ticker.

Note: While using this program, incoming calls may go directly to voicemail.

Note: The NASCAR Home screen looks different on race days and non-race days below the driver banner.




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