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Camera and Mul


2H. Camera and Multimedia


Zooming In or Out on a Photo

There are two ways you can zoom in or out of a photo:

Tap the screen twice quickly to zoom in, then tap the screen twice quickly again to zoom out.

– or –

You can also use pinch zooming. Press your thumb and index finger on the screen and then spread your
fingers apart to zoom in. Pinch your fingers together to zoom out.

Watching Video

The screen automatically switches to landscape mode when you play a video. Use the onscreen controls to
play, pause, or stop the video.

The video is displayed in full screen size. You can tap

to make it best fit on the screen based on the

video size. Tap the button again to change back to full screen size.

You can play these high-definition MP4 video formats in



H.263 profile 0 @ 30 fps, WVGA (800x480), max 2 Mbps

MPEG-4 simple profile @ 30 fps, 720p (1280x720), max 6 Mbps

H.264 baseline profile @ 30 fps, 720p (1280x720), max 6 Mbps

Viewing Photos in Your Social Networks

Using Gallery, you can view your photos and your friends’ photos that are in your social networks (Facebook
and Flickr only).

Viewing Photos on Facebook

You need to be logged in to your Facebook account to view Facebook photos.








Zooming in

Zooming out

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