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3D. GPS Navigation

Connecting with Your Friends

Tap a friend’s contact details balloon in map view or tap a friend in list view to open the friend’s profile. In the
profile screen, you can communicate with your friend and set privacy options.

Show on map

: Find a friend’s location on the map.

Chat using Google Talk

: Send an instant message. Google Talk opens a chat window with that friend.

Send email

: Send an email. Gmail opens an email addressed to that friend.

Get directions:

Get directions to the friend’s location.

Sharing options:

Select from the following:

Share best available location:

Share your precise location information.

Share only city level location:

Share only the city you are in, not the street-level location. Your friend can

see your photo icon in the middle of the city you are in. To share more precise location again, tap


available location


Hide from this friend:

Stop sharing your location with this friend, in a list or on a map.

Remove this friend

: Remove the friend from your list and stop sharing locations with him or her altogether.

Changing Privacy Settings

You have control over how and when you can be found by your friends. Only the last location sent to Latitude
is stored with your Google account. If you turn off Latitude or are hiding, no location is stored.

To change your public profile:


In Google Maps, press

and tap




Tap your own name, and then tap

Edit privacy settings



Set the following options to your preferences.

Detect your location:

Let Latitude detect and update your location as you move. The update frequency

is determined by several factors, such as how recently your location has changed.

Set your location:

Choose from several options to manually select your location.

Hide your location:

Hide your location from all your friends.

Turn off Latitude:

Disable Latitude and stop sharing your location or status. You can always join Latitude


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