Genicom MatrixPrinter LA36 User Manual

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Print head gap control (paper thickness adjustment)

The print head is mounted on the carriage which is guided by the stay shaft. The stay shaft is eccentric because

it has adjustment levers R and L, on each side, that engage eccentrically with side frames. Turning levers adjusts

the parallelism of the stay shaft to the platen, thus making the print head gap equal between right end and left


The eccentric stay shaft is also rotated by the copy control lever which is linked to the paper thickness lever.

The paper thickness lever is set toward the platen to reduce the gap or away to increase it. The paper thickness

lever is adjustable to nine different locations (1 to 5 and A to D), each corresponding to about a 0.05 mm change

in the gap.

Adjustment lever L

Adjustment lever R

Figure 5.14 Print head gap control

Stay shaft

Side frame

Side frame

Copy control lever

(linked to paper
thickness lever)