Genicom MatrixPrinter LA36 User Manual

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(3) Top-of-forms adjustment (factory use)

Top-of-forms (TOF) adjustment in this item is used in the factory to micro-adjust the reference position of the

TOF. This mode is not disclosed to users in general. The actual position of the TOF is set by the Top-of-Form

adjustment as described in the User Guide (CD-ROM) .

Note that this adjustment has an impact on the tear-off position. If this adjustment does not satisfy the

standard (see the description of the Top button below), the perforation of paper cannot be positioned in

front of the tear bar.

TOF adjustment is accessed by depressing three buttons 'Macro' + 'Protocol' + 'Park' simultaneously while

powering on the printer.

In TOF adjustment mode, the following buttons are active:



-1/180 inch adjustment to TOF position



+1/180 inch adjustment to TOF position

The valid range for adjustment is ±20/180 inches. Outside the range, the buzzer will sound and

further adjustment will be performed.


Paper will be loaded according to the value of TOF currently stored and 'H's will be printed by a

line. Pressing the Top button in this condition returns the paper to the park position, then reload

the paper and overprints 'H's.

Use this button to check or confirm the value of TOF already stored. The center of the horizontal

line of a letter H must be positioned 23 ±1 mm from the top edge of the paper when one-part paper

is used. If it is not satisfied, perform the TOF adjustment using the ¯ and - buttons.


If paper source is continuous forms, the continuous forms are returned to the park position. If

paper source is a cut sheet, the cut sheet is ejected.

Use this button after finishing TOF adjustment for one paper source. Switch the paper select lever

to change the paper source, then adjustment for the other paper source can be performed. When

switching from cut sheet to continuous forms, be sure to remove the cut sheet ejected

Save: The current value of TOF is stored to the EEPROM before quitting TOF adjustment mode and

returning to 'Ready' state.

The TOF adjustment value is initialized to its center value (1/180 inch) if EEPROM initialization II is performed

(see Section 4.10.3).

23 ±1 mm

Top edge of paper