Genicom MatrixPrinter LA36 User Manual

Page 16

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Cut-sheet stand

The cut-sheet stand catches printed pages ejected by the printer. It must be raised while printing cut sheets

and laid down while printing continuous forms. It must also be raised while printing paper-stapled continu-

ous forms in push-tractor mode.


Back cover

The back cover, which is installed on the cut-sheet stand, is opened to set continuous forms on the tractor

unit from the back of the printer. It must be closed while the printer is operating.

(2) Printing mechanism assembly

The two hooks on the bottom cover hold the printing mechanism in place and the two screws fasten it to the

bottom cover.


Frame assembly

The frame assembly consists of metal plates, a rack rail for ribbon feeding and a paper feed assembly.


Carriage unit

The carriage unit supports the removable 24-wire print head and endless inked-ribbon cartridge (black or

four-color), and slides back and forth on the stay shaft. The ribbon feeder (gear system) moves the ribbon in

one direction regardless of carriage movement. The color kit, consisting of a color selection shift motor and

four-color ribbon, is installed on the cartridge. One of the two sensors detects left, right, top, and bottom

edges of paper and the other detects the left end of cartridge movement and information on installed options.


Space motor and stay shaft assemblies

The main stay shaft and guide rail support the carriage unit, which the space motor moves horizontally

through the timing belt. The paper thickness lever rotates the eccentric main stay shaft that adjusts the gap

between the print head and platen.

d. Sensors

Three of four sensors detect paper outages and the other detects the paper select lever.


Forms feed mechanism

The paper feed motor drives the platen and/or the tractor unit via gears in feeding paper. The paper select

lever switches power transmission to the tractor unit.


Tractor unit

The convertible tractor unit is used on the back of the printer as a push tractor and on top of the printer as a

pull tractor.

Bail roller unit (LA36N only)

The bail rollers hold down paper on the platen. For the LA36W, the bail rollers are built in the top cover.