Genicom MatrixPrinter LA36 User Manual

Page 86

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Hex dump

In hex dump, the printer prints data and commands in 2-digit hexadecimal code. The interface operation is the

same as online in Normal mode. It enables the checking of character sequences the computer sends to the

printer as commands which are interpreted but not printed in regular mode. One line contains 16 two-digit

hexadecimal codes and corresponding ASCII characters.

(1) Starting hex dump printing


Load continuous forms at least 203 mm (8 inches) wide onto the printer to avoid printing on the platen.


Set the printer in Hex Dump mode one of the following two ways:

Power-on initiated self-test

Turn on the power switch while holding down the Protocol and Park buttons.

Self-test in Set-Up mode


Turn on the power switch while holding down the Pause button to enter Set-Up mode.


Press the ® button repeatedly to position the red cursor (on the plastic print guide) under TESTS then

press the ¯ button.


Press the ® button to position the red cursor under HEX-DUMP then press the ¯ button.

Start an application program from the computer after the printer prints the header and hexadecimals 0 to F.

(2) Stopping hex dump printing

To halt or resume hex dump printing, use the Pause button.

To exit Hex Dump mode, power off the printer.