Genicom MatrixPrinter LA36 User Manual

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Major printer components are organized as shown below. Items in boldface are recommended spare parts (see

Chapter 6) that can be replaced in the field by maintenance service engineers. Replacement and adjustment are

detailed in Chapter 4.

Upper cover assy

Upper cover
Front cover
Top cover
(bail rollers are built in for LA36W)
Acoustic cover [soundproof cover]
Control panel [OP board]

Platen knob

Bail roller unit (LA36N only)

Frame assy

Paper feeder assy (contains feed roller assy)

Platen assy [platen roll assy]
Carriage unit [carrier unit]

Card guide assy (plastic print guide)
Ribbon feed assy
Ribbon shift assy (color kit, option)
Timing belt
Carrier cable assy
Relay cable assy

SP motor assy [space motor assy]
Stay shaft assy

Copy control lever (linked to paper thickness lever )


Sensor T assy (for cut-sheet paper end)

Gear assy (paper feed gear system)

Paper feed motor [LF motor]
Paper select lever [change lever]

Print head (consumables)
Ribbon cartridge (black or four-color, consumables)

Printing mechanism [printer mecha assy]

Tractor unit

Printer lower assy

Bottom cover
ROM board [main board with ROM] (also called control board)
RS-423 board
Power supply [power unit]
(also called power supply board)

(100-120 or 220-240VAC)

AC inlet assy

Figure 1.2 Printer component structure

LA36N/W printer

Cut-sheet stand [sheet guide sub assy]

Back cover


[ ] indicates a name referred to in the

Recommended Spare Parts List.

( ) shows additional information.