Genicom MatrixPrinter LA36 User Manual

Page 129

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(3) Main voltage regulation switching (Figure 5.41 C)

Smoothed DC voltage is converted to high-frequency on/off voltage by changing the frequency and duty of the

on/off voltage pulse (Table 5.2).

Table 5.2 Voltage regulation switching control


20 kHz to
250 kHz

Regulation control

Frequency change
(duty also changed)

Switching control

flyback converter


+5 V

+34 V

(4) Protection


Primary circuit protection

A fuse is equipped between the power inlet and the power switch. The fuse holder is near the power switch on

the power supply board. The fuse has the following fuse rating:

100 to 120 VAC input: 6.0 A, 125 VAC

220 to 240 VAC input: 3.15 A, 250 VAC

If the rectifier and smoothing circuits (Figure 5.41 B) or the main switching circuit (Figure 5.41 C) malfunctions

causing a short circuit, the fuse is blown to prevent a secondary failure.