Genicom MatrixPrinter LA36 User Manual

Page 96

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(3) Paper selection

Since continuous forms and cut sheets are fed differently, the paper feed mechanism is based on the type of


When the paper select lever is switched from the continuous forms location (back) to the cut-sheet location

(front) as shown below, gear C slides off the tractor gear and stops transmitting rotation to the continuous forms

feed tractor. At the same time, the paper select lever operates the link mechanism then activates the microswitch

to indicate the cut-sheet select status. The printer is now ready to feed cut sheets.

To change the printer back to the continuous forms selection (either push tractor feed or pull tractor feed), turn

the paper select lever to the continuous forms location (back).

Paper select lever

Tractor gear

Gear C


Figure 5.9 Paper selection

Link mechanism