Genicom MatrixPrinter LA36 User Manual

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(1) Upper cover assembly

The screws (two for the LA36N and three for the LA36W) on the back, fasten the upper cover to the bottom

cover. The upper cover assembly consists of the upper, front, and top covers, an acoustic cover, and a control

panel –– all plastic, lightweight, and sturdy. The cut-sheet stand is mounted on this assembly.

Printer control board

Power supply

Bottom cover

Control panel

Interface connectors (not visible)

Cut-sheet stand

Figure 1.3

Upper cover assembly (LA36N)


Upper cover

The interface cable connector is located to the right side, as seen from the front of the upper cover, so that it

does not obstruct the paper feed path.

b. Front cover

The front cover is opened when the ribbon cartridge is installed.


Top cover

The separator directs the printed paper to the cut-sheet stand. The separator of the LA36W has bail rollers.

d. Acoustic cover

The acoustic cover helps reduce printing noise.


Control panel

The control panel consists of an LSI, 7 switches, 16 LEDs, and a buzzer. The switches control operations

such as forms loading and feeding, font selection, and conditions selected in setup mode. The LEDs display

printer statuses, the selected font, and a setup menu number. The buzzer sounds to indicate operating and

printer statuses.

Upper cover

Stay shaft assy

Platen knob

Top cover assy

Carriage unit

Tractor unit (not visible)

Acoustic cover

Front cover

Space motor

Gear assy