Genicom MatrixPrinter LA36 User Manual

Page 91

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Ribbon feed

Ribbon is fed by the ribbon feeder on the bottom of the print head carriage. This mechanism links carriage

movement to ribbon movement so that the ribbon moves in one direction, regardless of whether the carriage

moves left or right.

The ribbon feeder receives power from the front stay (rack rail) through the RF gear. Power is transmitted to

gear C, a planet gear. Gear C engages one of two gears, depending on carriage movement. When the carriage

moves from right to left, gear C directly engages the ribbon drive shaft gear. When the carriage moves from left

to right, it engages the idle gear, which in turn engages the ribbon drive shaft gear.

The planet gear makes the ribbon drive shaft rotate in one direction (counterclockwise), regardless of its engage-


Ribbon bracket

RF gear


RF shaft

Gear C

Idle gear

Front stay (rack rail)

Figure 5.4 Ribbon feed