Genicom MatrixPrinter LA36 User Manual

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(3) Lower cover assembly

Figure 1.4

Printer lower assembly (LA36N)


Bottom cover

The bottom cover supports the printer mechanism.

b. Printer control board

The printer control board controls the host interface, control panel, and printing mechanism, using an MPU

and an LSI. Memory holds resident character patterns and firmware, including resident emulation pro-

grams. This board has drivers and receivers for other components. Sensor receivers convert signals from

sensors. Drivers supply power to motors, print head wires, and other components. It also has a Centronics

parallel interface controller and RS-423 serial interface controller.


Power supply

The power supply at the front of the printer outputs a constant voltage, regardless of fluctuation in input AC

line voltage, between 100 and 120 VAC or 220 and 240 VAC. It includes an AC line switch and noise


Printer control board

Power supply

Bottom cover