Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

Page 100

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The drive names such as (E:) and (F:) differs depending on the
environment of the host computer.
If you set a user password to MM series in the Setup Utility, MM series is
shown not as hard disk drive, but as removable disk drive with the icon
representing the MM series inserted in the connection cradle with the key
mark. In order to access to the hard disk of your computer, delete the
password temporarily. See
Canceling Password in Password section later
in this chapter.

While communicating to the host computer;
Keep the AC adapter connected to the connection cradle.

Do not remove, MM series from the connection cradle.

Do not move the connection cradle with , MM series installed. It may

result in disconnecting the cable between the host computer and the
connection cradle.

Do not operate the host PC connection switch.