Resetting system – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Resetting System

You may need to restart the system if your computer hangs up or a new hardware or
software is installed. When a message appears after the installation, click OK, Yes, etc.
to restart Windows.
You can also restart Windows by clicking start - Turn Off Computer; then, Restart.

Warm Boot (Software Reset)

If the system is locked up because of a software problem, you can reset or reboot the
system by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously and select Applications tab
of Windows Task Manager dialog box. Click the program name which hangs up, then,
End Task. If this does not solve the problem, click Disconnect or Logoff of Windows
Task Manager
dialog box, then Yes.

Resetting may cause data loss. Use the resetting process only if the
normal Windows Shut Down does not work because of software
malfunction. Although resetting will not damage the system, you may
lose the data you are processing.

Power Switch

You can turn off your computer with the power button if you encounter hardware or
software problems which lock up the system. In this case, press the power button for
more than four seconds.

Reset Switch

If you cannot turn off your computer by pressing the power button, you can use the
reset switch on the bottom of your computer. To reset the system, insert a narrow
object into the small hole to press the switch.



Reset Switch