Modem card – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Modem Card

(may not be available in some countries)

Your computer may come with the modem card. In order to use the modem on your
computer, install the supplied modem card in your computer.

The modem in your computer is designed only for regular analog

telephone lines. The modem may be damaged when connected to a
digital ISDN terminal or a digital PBX.

Use TA (terminal adapter) to connect the built-in modem to a digital

telephone line.

If an unusual device is attached to the line you are connecting to, the

modem may not function properly. Remove the device or contact the
dealer of the device.

Before connecting to a PBX, consult the PBX maintenance staff or its

service company. If the electric characteristics of your PBX are
different from those of a regular analog line, the modem will not
function properly. If you connect the modem to a digital PBX, both the
modem and the PBX may be damaged.

Installing Modem Card

Gently insert the modem card into the PC card slot. Make sure the card is firmly
seated in the slot and you are ready to setup and install your communication

Setting Up for Windows XP


This card is ready for Windows XP so you just turn on your computer and
insert the modem card. Follow the instruction shown on the screen to install the
Windows built-in driver for this card.


When the installation instruction is finished, this modem card is ready to use.