Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

Page 68

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Push the PC card eject button again until the protection card pops out, then
remove it.


Push the PC card eject button all the way inside the cabinet for safekeeping.


Insert a PC card into the slot with the label face up until it locks into place.

If the dialog box asking you What do you want Windows to do? appears, select the
task you want.

Ejecting PC Card

Some PC cards may become hot after long use.

Be sure to use the procedure below when ejecting a PC card.

Otherwise, the system may not work properly.

1. Click

Safely Remove Hardware icon (

) on the taskbar. If you cannot find the

icon, click to show all kinds of icons.

2. Click

Safely remove xxxx (xxxxx is the name of your PC card); then, Safe To

Remove Hardware dialog appears.

Label Face Up