Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

Page 110

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When you select Extended Desktop mode, Fn+F5 key combination does not work.

Trouble with Keyboard/Glide Pad

Question: Why doesn't the keyboard or the glide pad function?

Try the following in this order:

1. Press

Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select Users tab of Windows Task Manager dialog

box. Click Disconnect or Logoff; then, Yes.


If the step 1 fails to work, press the power switch for more than four seconds to
turn off the system. Ten seconds later, turn on your computer.


If you still cannot turn off the system with the power switch, confirm the hard
disk indicator is not lit and press the reset switch on the bottom of your computer
to turn off the system (refer to Resetting the System section of Chapter 2). Ten
seconds later, turn on your computer by pressing the power switch.

Question: Why does the glide pad malfunction?

The surface of the glide pad or your palm may be moist or dirty and grease. Wipe
the glide pad with a soft, dry cloth.

Trouble with Floppy Disks

Question: Why can't I use a floppy disk?

Confirm the optional external floppy disk drive unit is correctly connected.

Confirm the floppy disk is inserted correctly.

Confirm the drive or file name is correct.

The floppy disk may not be formatted or could be corrupted. Format the disk or use
another disk.

If you cannot write to a floppy disk, the disk may be write-protected. Eject the disk
and ensure that the write-protect tab covers the small hole.

If you cannot write to a floppy disk, the disk may be full. Use another disk.