Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

Page 60

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Playing CD

With some CD-ROMs, you can hear the sound of them through the audio out jack of
the CD-ROM drive unit. Connect headphones or speaker system with an amplifier to
the audio out jack.

Disconnecting Optional External CD-ROM Drive Unit

To remove the unit, you need to perform the following steps before you remove it.

1. Click

Safely Remove Hardware icon (

) on the taskbar.

2. Click

Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device; then, Safe To Remove Hardware

dialog appears.


Remove the USB cable from the computer.

Mode Switches

There are the mode switches on the bottom of the CD-ROM unit.
These switches are for technical services. Keep them as a default setting, OFF.

Cleaning Optional External CD-ROM Drive Unit

Do not use solvents such as benzine, thinner, alcohol, record cleaner or anti-static

Clean the outside of the drive with a soft, dried cloth.

Clean the lens with a commercial lens blower if the lens is dirty.

Mode Switches

Audio Out Jack