Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

Page 77

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Connecting to Internet via an Access Point

You can connect your computer to the Internet or a wired network via an access point
supporting IEEE 802.11b. Refer to the manual of the access point or consult your
network administrator if you are not sure.

Communicating with Other Computers

Confirm each computer is enabled for wireless LAN.

Make sure to log on your computer as a member of the Computer

administrators group. Otherwise, you cannot set or change some
settings for wireless LAN.

1. Click

startControl Panel.

2. Click

Network and Internet ConnectionsNetwork Connections. If Classic view

is selected, double-click Network Connections.

3. Select

Wireless Network Connection; then, click Change settings of this

connection of Network Tasks.

4. Double-click

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in This connection uses the following


5. In

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties dialog box, select Use the following IP

address and set a unique IP address to through and
the Subnet mask to; then, click OK.

The IP address of each computer should be unique.

The Default gateway can be blank.

6. Click

Wireless Networks tab; then, Advanced button in the lower right of the

dialog box. Advanced dialog box appears.

7. Select

Computer-to-computer (ad hoc) networks only; then, click Close button.

8. Click

Add… button in Preferred networks of Wireless Network Connection

Properties dialog box.


Type a name of the network in Network name (SSID) field of Wireless Network
dialog box.

Confirm your computer and other computers are connecting to the same

10. Click

OK twice; then, close the Control Panel window.