Setting password – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Setting Password

You can set a “user password” to your computer to avoid unauthorized use of the hard
disk of the MM series when connected to the host computer using the connection

Set the Supervisor password and User Password in the SetupUtility .

Setting Password

Set a user password of the MM series in the Setup Utility. For setting the password,
see Chapter 6.

Canceling Password

Cancel the password temporarily when you want to use the MM series as an external
hard disk of your host computer.

1. Connect the MM series with the host computer.
2. Click

startAll ProgramsConnection Cradle –Password Utility.

Password Utility Window appears.

3. Type the current user password in the Password box and click OK.
4. When you see the message Releases the Security, click OK.
5. The password is cancelled and the hard disk drives of the MM series are

recognized as external hard disk drives of the host computer.

In some cases, an alert box may appear. This is because once the
password is cancelled, the device is stopped and then, the connection
cradle is connected. This causes no matters.

Deleting Password

In case of Windows XP or Windows 2000

When the host computer is Windows XP or Windows 2000,delete the password in the
MM series Setup Utility. For details see Chapter 6.