Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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On Windows, you can set the battery level for sounding an alarm and letting your
computer go on System standby, System hibernate or shut down afterward.

1. In

the Power Options Properties dialog box, select Alarms tab.


Set the battery level at which the alarms are activated. We recommend you set
Critical battery alarm to 5 % or more and Low battery alarm to more than the
value of Critical battery alarm.

3. Set


Alarm Action… to the appropriate settings.

4. Click

OK twice.

5. Close


Control Panel window.

Conditioning Battery Pack

When the actual remaining power in your battery is less than what Windows Power
Meter indicates, you need to condition the battery pack or buy a new one.

Make sure the computer is turned off. Connect the computer to AC power source
and wait until the battery is fully charged. The battery indicator turns orange
first, then, turns to green when the battery pack is fully charged.


Turn on the computer.


When the message Press <F2> to enter SETUP appears, press F2 to open the
Setup Utility.


Disconnect the AC adapter, and leave the computer on until the battery is
completely discharged and the system shuts down automatically.


Connect the computer to AC power source and let the battery fully charged again

Do not turn on your computer while charging the battery pack.

Do not connect your computer to a wall outlet while discharging the

battery. The conditioning will be cancelled.

Repeated charging and discharging or long-term storage of the battery
pack cause battery deterioration. In this case, replace the battery pack
with a high capacity battery pack.