Communication functions, Chapter 5, Lan unit – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Communication Functions

This chapter explains how to use the wired LAN unit, the wireless LAN function and
the modem card.

When you use communication software:

Connect your computer to the AC power source.

Disable power management. (Refer to Disabling Power

Management of Chapter 3.)

See also the manual or online help of the software you are using.

The communication speed may vary depending on the traffic, local

telecommunications infrastructure, and ISP (Internet Service Provider)

LAN Unit

You can connect to a LAN (Local Area Network) with the 100 Base-TX/10 Base-T
LAN units on your computer. To activate the LAN unit, perform the following steps.

Never insert any cables, but a LAN cable, which have different electric
characteristics from those of the LAN cable. Otherwise, the LAN unit and
the cables may be damaged.

Use a category 3 or a category 5 LAN cable when connecting to 10
BASE-T LAN, and the category 5 only when connecting to 100 BASE-TX