Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

Page 111

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Trouble with Hard Disk

Question: Why can't I read or write data to/from the hard disk?

Confirm the drive and file names are correct.

Confirm the hard disk has sufficient free space.

Trouble with CD

Question: Why can’t I read data from a compact disc or play files?

Confirm the external CD-ROM drive unit is correctly connected to your computer.

Confirm the CD is inserted correctly.

Confirm the drive and file names are correct.

Confirm the CD is not stained or scratched.

Confirm the CD or files are supported.

Trouble with Communication

Question: Why can't I communicate through the modem?

Confirm the modem card is properly inserted in your computer.

Confirm the dial setting (pulse or tone) of Windows or communication software is
matched with the telephone line.

Confirm the country/region setting is appropriate.

Confirm the network configuration is appropriate.

Confirm the user name or password is correct.

Confirm the COM port in the communication software is set appropriately.

Turn off the power management in the Windows.

If an unusual device is attached to the line you are connecting to, the modem may
not function properly. Remove the device or contact a dealer of the device.

If connected to a PBX, consult the PBX maintenance staff or its service company.
If the electric characteristics of your PBX are different from those of a regular
analog line, the modem will not function properly. If you connect the modem to a
digital PBX, both the modem and the PBX may be damaged.