Turning off your computer – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Turning Off Your Computer

When you’ve finished using your computer, turn it off with one of the following

From the start menu

1. Click

start – Turn Off Computer.

2. In


Turn off computer dialog box, click Turn Off.

With the power button
Before using this step, confirm that Shut down is selected in When I press the
power button on my computer
in Advanced tab of Power Options Properties dialog

Close the cover to keep the screen and keyboard clean and protected.

If you have not saved a file, a dialog box will appear asking whether you
want to save it.

Do not turn off or reset your computer while the hard disk indicator or

the indicator on the optional external floppy disk drive unit or the
external CD-ROM drive unit is lit. Doing so may damage or even wipe
out the data.

Before turning it back on, wait at least ten seconds after turning off

your computer. Turning the power off and on in rapid succession can
damage your computer’s electrical circuitry.