Connection cradle, Chapter 7 – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Connection Cradle

This chapter describes how to use the connection cradle with your computer (hereafter
called MM series). Using the connection cradle, you can connect MM series to another
computer (hereafter called Host computer).

Never insert anything but the MM series inside the cradle.

Be sure to keep the inside of the connection cradle free from dust or

any foreign objects. This may cause malfunction and bad connection.
Especially keep the connector clean.

Place the connection cradle on a stable and even work surface.

When the connection cradle is connected to the host computer, do not

give a shock or vibration to the connection cradle.

During data communication to the host computer, set the time of the

MM series and the host computer synchronized. When you modify the
file, the time you modify the file is stored in the Properties of the file.
If the time in the host computer is not the same as the time in the MM
series, you will not be able to properly manage the files by the
modification date.


Precautions When Backing Up And Restoring Data

In order to secure the proper backup and restore, follow the instructions below during
data backup and restore:

Always connect the AC adapter to the connection cradle.

Do not remove the MM series from the connection cradle.

Do not disconnect the USB cable connecting the connection cradle and the host

Do not slide the connection switch.