Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

Page 115

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Other Troubles

Question: Why is the battery pack discharged so quickly?

Condition the battery pack. (Refer to Conditioning the Battery Pack section of
Chapter 3.)

Question: Why is the date and/or time incorrect?

Correct the date and time in Windows. Double-click the time appearing on the
taskbar and set them in Date and Time Properties dialog box.

Question: Why can't I use a hardware device?

Make sure the hardware device is not crossed out with an X mark using the
following procedure.

1. Click

start– Control Panel.

2. Click

Performance and Maintenance; then, System. If Classic view is selected,

double-click System icon.

3. Click

Hardware tab; then, Device Manager.


Double-click the device you cannot use.

5. Confirm

Use this device (enable) string is selected in Device usage field.

Question: Why can't I produce sound?

Press Fn + F4 to increase the output volume.

Double-click the speaker symbol on the taskbar and check the Windows volume.

Question: Why can't I turn off my computer?

Follow the instructions on Why doesn't the keyboard or the glide pad function?

Question: Why my computer is so hot?

When charging the battery pack, its surrounding area or the front of the keyboard
may become hot, but this is not a problem.