Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

Page 31

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Click, Double-click, and Right-click
To click or double-click, you can use the left button just like that of a mouse. Instead
of clicking the left button, you can also just tap gently anywhere on the rectangular
pad. For right-clicking, you must use the right button.

If the interval between clicks is too long, the double-click will not

Drag and Drop
You can move the items by using “drag and drop” below:

Position the pointer over the item you wish to move.


Press the left button; do not release it.


Move the pointer while holding the left button. The item moves together with the


Release the button when the item reaches its destination.

Or you can tap the pad twice and hold it instead of pressing the left button in the
step 2.


You can scroll through information in a list or in a document by using the glide pad.
To view information vertically, place your finger on the most right part of the glide
pad and slide your finger up and down. To view horizontally, place your finger on the
bottom part of the glide pad and slide your finger to the left or the right. This
procedure works only in limited applications.

Changing Configuration

In the Mouse Properties dialog box, you can change the configuration of the glide
pad, such as swapping left and right buttons, changing the pointer size, etc. Double-
click icon on the taskbar.