Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Connecting WEP configured network

Wireless communication has security issues. Some networks are configured with
WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) keys or encryption keys to protect the transmitted
data. To connect into the WEP configured network, follow the steps below.

1. Right-click

Wireless Network Connection icon ( ) on the taskbar and click

View Available Wireless Networks.


Select the network you want to connect in Available wireless networks of
Wireless Network Connection dialog box.


Type its encryption key in Network key field, type it again to confirm and click
Connect button.

When you select a network that is not configured for encryption

settings in the step 2, the caution message appears. If you agree to
connect to the unsecured network, check the box of
Allow me to
connect to the selected wireless network, even though it is not secure.

When the key index of your computer is different from that of the

network, you cannot access the network. Set the same key index with
the following steps. Note that some access points have the key index
options 0 through 3. Refer to the table below for matching.

1. Open the
Wireless Network Connection Properties dialog box.
(Refer to the steps in
Communicating with Other Computers

2. Select the network you want to access in Preferred networks section

and click Properties button.

3. Confirm the box of Data encryption (WEP enabled) is checked,

uncheck the box of The key is provided for me automatically and
set the key index.

Key index matching table

Access Point 1

Access Point


Your computer

1 0 1
2 1 2
3 2 3
4 3 4

(ex. When your access point type is “Access Point 2”
and its key index is set to 0, set 1 to the key index of
your computer.)